During my late student years at King’s College London, I fell in love with the startup world. Especially, how the progress in science could be implemented in business practices. How inventors were finding new ways to solve our everyday problems. Those ideas were so motivational for me so I couldn’t resist starting to build something myself.

After graduating in the UK, I traveled back to Ukraine to organize a team to implement my idea. In the first year, we’ve got our first financing through crowdfunding. Three years later, we were selling our product around the world, including Apple Store retail chain. Since then, I have been engaged in the launch of many hardware and software products.

While building my entrepreneur career, one idea is always circulating in my head - “What if another Vlad is starting his startup and looking for a mentor/investor right now?”. That question led me to start mentoring and investing in startups.

Now, being a Partner at SMRK, I find Ukraine the best place to invest in startups. Our tech sector is booming and more ambitious people are choosing entrepreneur pathways to go. My goal is to find and invest in the best of them. Then help founders act efficiently on best intentions to build an impactful company.

Vlad Tislenko


Tech entrepreneur, made iblazr brand that was sold worldwide at Apple Stores, experienced startup mentor.

  • Entrepreneur since 2012
  • Realistic optimist
  • Multicultural communicator
  • Startup expert