Venture capital fund for IT-startups

We invest in startups with an obvious customers’
value. We help those professionals who know
even more than everything about their ideas.

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About us

SMRK is a Ukrainian fund specialized in venture capital investment. We help startups on various stages of maturity. The company was founded in Autumn, 2013 and its main focus is on IT-products on seed and Round A. We work with those ideas which are oriented to the global market and are useful for the consumer. We’re seeking ideas that can run the world.

SMRK team knows everything about IT-startups because we were on your side and went through a tough way: once we were beginners but now we’re major experts in investing. We’ve already helped a lot of projects to grow and expand by investing $0,5 - $1,5M at one check.

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Our team

SMRK is a team of highly skilled professionals which prefers cooperating with the equal. We won’t work in your place but we certainly can help you to bring alive a new promising IT-idea.

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Ideas that may spark our interest

We choose IT startups using strict criterions, because our primary goal is helping those projects we resonate with. We won’t reply to an application if your idea doesn’t fit our requirements, no offense meant.

Your startup definitely has potential and we don’t say no to your idea, we just know that we have different paths to follow.

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Who we work with

  • We choose ideas with clear direction and obvious value for the customer
  • Teams of professionals who know everything about their startup
  • Apps / online tools for business and everyday use
  • B2B, B2C businesses online
  • People who want to make the world a better place

We don’t work with

  • We don’t choose projects we don’t understand
  • We don’t choose projects we don’t understand
  • We don’t invest in startups outside our competence
  • We don’t invest in business with unobvious values for the customer
  • We avoid startups without clearly stated goal (the more global the better)
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How to get

At first, read about the projects we’re interested in

Make a clear description of your startup including its goal, evolution stage, customers’ value, monetizability

Send your application by email and wait for our response [we can’t answer immediately so be prepared]

If your idea resonate with our viewpoint and values we’ll support it