Apple has millions of fans all over the world. Every day software developers realize a huge pack if ideas, apps and instruments but very few of them reach more than just another faceless program for a narrow customers’ circle. And so it happened that I achieved quite impressive results at the age of 27. I didn’t expect that because I had no clear business goal... I was just having fun. And it was the key: my curiosity and unbreakable motivation in creating something valuable helped me to develop MacPaw. Now it is one of the most popular instruments for cleaning MacOS regularly used by millions of users and corporate clients. Even Facebook office have bought a corporate licence for 3500 computers.

I made this software without any clue, by my own. There were no hacked MacOS for PC then and that’s why I had to puzzle out how the system works. Also, we had no investment so we spent our own money and work hours. As a result, we put in the project $3,000.

My own experience put me on to investment. I understood that I’d like to support promising startups and help them to get on the global market. A lot of ideas with a high potential die on the start because entrepreneurs are scared they won’t get a payback and get broke. We’re ready to support companies we believe in and reduce their risks as much as we can.

Oleksandr Kosovan

Co-founder, Partner

CEO of MacPaw Inc, CleanMyMac best-selling author, and globally renowned software specialist.

  • Developed one of the best-selling software for MacOS cleaning — CleanMyMac
  • More than 40 000 000 software subscriptions sold
  • Cooperates with Facebook [3500 official licences] and other wide-known companies
  • Experienced entrepreneur and investor