I have been an entrepreneur since 2008. All these years I have been wondering: “How can I propel the Ukrainian market to the next level?” Capitalism in Europe has been growing for more than 200 years while in Ukraine it has existed not more than 30 years.This situation influences our mindset. I saw how children in USA sell lemonade at the age of 7 and establish their first company when 13. Our businessmen have not enough ambitions and low motivation for changing the Ukrainian market and expanding to the global market.

I decided to set up SMRK because I had enough personal experience and strong intention to make our business better. Our fund supports those products we believe in. We choose startups with a clear goal, startups that definitely solve customers’ problems and meet their expectations.

I know how our IT-market grows, know its strengths and weaknesses. Our entrepreneurs can create and do create powerful products. Also they’re pretty good at management, although they are not experienced enough in business conducting and usually don’t think ahead about monetization of their idea.

The most popular practice on the Ukrainian market is outsource. Why so? I think, the main reason is the lack of ambitions and faith that they can achieve impressive results. I believe that together we can make the world a better place.

Andriy Dovzhenko

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Experienced TOP-manager specializing on due-diligence analysis and IT-products efficiency.

  • Entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience
  • Financial expert, KPI-expert
  • Startup-market specialist
  • Business strategist